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Against Two

The encounters have a hidden and mysterious etiology. Neither reason nor statistics work with them. Intellectualizing an encounter is as imprecise and naive as objectifying a wish.
For this reason, when faced with an encounter, it is very convenient to give up: it never pays to try to control the vagaries of destiny.
On the other hand, it must be recognized that encounters are as beautiful as disagreements, and that they only differ in that the former are enjoyed and the latter suffered.
The nuances in this regard can generate a whole universe of interpretations:
- Meeting an unbearable person, is it really a (disastrous) encounter or is it rather a disagreement with fortune?
- What does luck have to do with all this?
- Can you cheat?
- The epiphany of the meeting, do you need to have a fair place and a suitable time to demonstrate?
Hundreds of these kinds of questions could be asked, but I highly doubt that a strong answer will be obtained.
Answering these questions with any certainty would be as unlikely as finding Sandra Rehder walking down Princesa Street, one autumn Wednesday afternoon, and after talking for ten minutes on the sidewalk, she invites you to eat for the following Friday homemade empanadas at his house.
Conclusion: explaining the phenomenon of an encounter is an impossible task, but improbability is a fallible factor.

Alejandro Crimi,
Argentine Writer

Origin of the book "Against two"
Together with Sandra Rehder

«En contra dos» is a book of poems born from the encounter and complicity between Alexander Crimi & Sandra Rehder.

Improvisación Alejandro Crimi & Sandra Rehder (En Contra Dos)

Video Ronald stallard 

It is also accompanied by the complicity of two magnificent poets: Jose Maria Micó (prologue) and Ferran Fernandez (editing and proofreading), and from a luxury photographer, Ronald Stallard (press photos and videos).







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