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She is not a princess
but she likes to be awakened with kisses,
and more things,
nor queen,
But he talks to his mirror about the bad luck that hating himself brings
more than if you break it into a thousand pieces,
it's not a fish either
but keep swimming,
such a lioness where she pleases,
that comes to reign,
in his life and in many others,
supercaligragilistic spialidsa
and at times
a bit messy,
he still likes to play
and when he falls in love
is 'to infinity and beyond',
She is not Leia but she is a warrior,
he would even defend with the lightsaber those he loves,
and without being a mermaid save some human from their shipwrecks.
Has many stories,
if she invites you to write one with her
do not live pending the end
but of will continue
because even without lamp
it will make you magic.
Sonia @sonistically
Writer and dreamer among a million things, on a blue-green Galician background. 
Photography Elizaveth Dushechkina

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