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More than friends

Marta looked at herself nervously in front of the mirror, giving herself the final touches before leaving the house. It was her second date with Tomás, and after how well they had connected the first time, she didn't want to leave anything to chance. He hoped everything would turn out well and end as he had fantasized so many times since he joined that dating site, where he had only managed to chain disappointment after disappointment.
Being a warm night, she had chosen an elegant and suggestive black dress, with a not too pronounced neckline but with an open back and heels that made her look divine from her meter seventy-two in height, allowing her to look at the rest of the audience. world, including Thomas, over his shoulder.
Ten minutes after the agreed time, to avoid having to wait for him, he arrived at the bar proposed by Tomás to have a drink before dinner. Just crossing the door she saw him, extremely handsome, leaning on the bar, in his white shirt and jeans that seemed made to measure, looking at her with that scoundrel half smile that made him so attractive and that made him melt inside every time he peeked out. .
Marta, nervous, approached trying to be natural and confident. They gave a not very accurate kiss on the corner of the lips, the kind of deceitful that you never quite know if they are intentional or casual. They smiled and while they began to chat, they ordered a couple of cocktails and caught up: Tomás, a resident doctor, used to have little free time, while she, a freelance collaborator in a publishing house, had many hours to herself, hours that she took advantage of to read, think and above all, imagine.
With the second drink, the conversation went from the inconsequential to the personal and Tomás took advantage of a couple of occasions to kiss and hold Marta by the waist, running his fingers over her naked back and heating up the atmosphere while she smiled inside anticipating what was happening. He was coming ... but when he left for the restaurant, a call truncated his expectations: an urgency that he required from Tomás.
They said goodbye and Marta, disappointed, walked back home. The second date had gone well, but she was feeling a bit frustrated that it hadn't ended as she imagined, so when she entered the house, she took off her shoes as she walked down the hall unzipping her dress and took a bottle of Chardonnay from the fridge to help herself a Cup. "Sofa, movie and blanket" seemed a very unglamorous consolation for the expectations that had been created, so he decided to celebrate the disappointment with all the style possible and, why not, fantasize about what could have happened with Tomás. A bathtub, some scented candles and your good "friend" they were all he needed.
Stretched out in the bathtub, with the water barely covering her pubis and exposing her nipples, Marta parted her legs, closed her eyes and imagined Tomás and his mischievous smile next to her. She reached out and grabbed her vibrator, selected a slow speed that matched the natural movements of her pelvis, so that she could increase it as her pulse quickened. Wrapped the vibrator with his hand, moving it with circular movements over her nipples, clitoris and vaginal lips, lingering on the latter while playing by pressing it against her perianal area and moving back up to her clitoris, enjoying its pleasant and gentle vibration, while immersing herself in a wave of pleasure until reaching the climax.
Exhausted, her legs shaking, she smirked and told herself that the night had actually turned out to be a success.

History written by "Marta y Tomás"
Separated by the covid-19, the texts were exchanged by mail as they wrote it, until the end of its history.
Fictitious or true ... only they know.

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