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Internal vibrators and their healthy benefit

What health benefits can the use of the internal vibrator bring?

If you do not suffer from any diagnosed pathology and you have a healthy vagina, internal stimulation will help lubricate the vaginal canal and vascularize the area, providing more sensitivity. Highly recommended if you are in the premenopausal or menopausal stage. 
It is also very useful for the anatomical self-knowledge of the vagina and to discover the limits, the shape and the most sensitive areas.
In problems of contractures or internal or deeper muscle scars, they can help to work the dilation and relaxation of the area.
In the case of pain in diagnosed deep dyspuremia that produces painful intercourse, internal vibration with gentle intensity and maintained with a little pressure on the point of pain, without movement, can offer accommodation or relaxation of the tissue and achieve accommodation of the tissue and a temporary decrease in stress points.
By Estefanía Casas Patarro
Diploma in Physiotherapy and Professor associated with the Pompeu Fabra University 

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