Fotografía erótica - Diletto


"The Kiss" belongs to the portrait series "Silence". 
A series that marks the evolution and integrity of women who love women, breaking the human being's preconceived ideas about love and sex and inviting us to enter the moment
most important of their lives.

These photographs explain, in a visual way, that moment in which the Universe changes their lives, staging the situation they are experiencing for the first time, by developing an attraction for a person of the same sex.

Inspiration of the work

The protagonist of the play is Paulette, a woman who discovered that she liked women, for a kiss. 
He was at a party, and without waiting for him, a girl approached him and kissed her. This unsettled her and left the party angry and
at the same time confused by what happened, without understanding what had happened.
Later, he realized that this kiss helped him discover who he really was.
The photograph is taken in a bathroom, in front of a transparent screen remembering the kiss they gave him.

Technical characteristics of the work

Limited series 4/10 of size 1.5 x 1 meters.
Photographic print laminated on aluminum support, 
(Methacrylate Sandwich - Dibond).
Rectangular aluminum frame at the back of the photograph.
Protective anti-reflective methacrylate finish, museum quality.


The artist, Iris Vallés

Iris Valles Saez (Barcelona, 1985) artist and professional photographer. His hometown is Barcelona, although Paris has been the city where he has carried out much of his artistic and work training. It is here, specifically in the Anne et Just Jaeckin Gallery, where after being discovered by one of the gallery owners, she begins to exhibit her photographs together with artists such as Just Jaeckin, Claude Azoulay and Peter Lindbergh. Currently, he has not stopped creating and looking for new projects that
allow you to express your concerns through art.

He loves photography to be able to share and transmit a message or opinion with an image. Currently he continues creating and looking for new projects that allow him to express his concerns through art and observe the different facets of the human being from his own perspective.

Iris has participated in important publications for large firms such as Rolling Stones (Colombia), Vogue Italia, i-D, Neo2 Magazine, L’Officiel, Vanidad, ELLE Magazine, Nike, Thierry Mugler, Clarins, KLING and Mosais Paris, among others.

* Work recommended by Cristina Baulenas (Expert of art and antiques)