Discreet and introverted, I like to go unnoticed, although this time I feel the need to share reflections that I don't think only I have.
At one point in my life I felt the need to connect with my true intimacy. I began to question everything I had lived and learned about sexuality and eroticism in search of new looks that really connected me with my vision of intimate pleasure. What I found made me feel invaded, ridiculous, lost, demure ... I did not identify with anything I saw because what I was looking for, without knowing it, was naturalness, sensuality and elegance.
Hence Diletto was born, the space that I would have liked to find. A place away from the topics that we have all learned in our childhood and that invites us to start a journey of discovery and adaptation of sexuality in our day to day. I never imagined that intimate pleasure products could also be a tribute to design, elegance and quality until I started reading, listening and researching on this topic.

And that's when I realized that the true meaning of intimacy is in everyone's gaze.
Diletto is born from the awareness of the pleasure of the senses with the intention of learning to enjoy each one of them from elegance, sensuality and naturalness.

For this reason, you will also find a team of professionals related to physical and emotional well-being to offer you a comprehensive vision of pleasure and sexuality. We have the advice of psychologists and physical therapists, who help us choose the best products to treat physical and emotional blockages that do not allow you to enjoy free and pleasant sexuality.
From this platform we want, together with those who make it possible, to give you the instruments to live sexuality breaking with beliefs and old values.

Because pleasure and sexuality are part of you and your life, share it and enjoy it from your essence.