Supernova 2/2 (Pol Peiró) Abstract art


"Supernova" is the name that Pol Peiro has given the series dedicated to the nude of the female figure.
With abstract and sensual coding of strong character that mutates between two worlds, being able to be both at the same time.

This series aims to capture the emotion of the observer and transcend an inner world full of nuances.

Inspiration of the work

By the artist; "Supernova is a female figure of abstract coding and strong character.
First red, then mutant. A warm universe. The extension of an inner world. She.
Supernova is all of this and surely much less.
It is a two-dimensional surface where things charged with emotion happen.
It is the pictorial representation of the daily life of a coexistence where euphoria, elegance and sexual art coexist. 
And probably not in this order. "

Technical characteristics of the work

Limited 2/2 series in size 29 x 21 cm.
Watercolor technique on 300 grams paper.
Price € 300 + 10% VAT

The artist, Pol Peiro

Pol Peiró is a young painter from Premia who shares his feelings and emotions through abstract painting. For him, color is part of a state of mind and each color reinforces what he wants to express. 

Restless and tireless, he creates his works in cycles that always closes with circles, a personal characteristic that allows him to stand again in front of a blank canvas to start over.

His individual career in the last ten years has been very active with exhibitions of his collections and the recognition of awards achieved at the state level.

A young painter who gives and will give a lot to talk about.


* Work recommended by Cristina Baulenas placeholder image (Expert of art and antiques)


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