Silicone lubricant Good to Go Überluble 15 ml


Good to Go by Überluble is a lubricant of silicone staff intended to hydrate and lubricate, to improve the ease and comfort of the activity intimate sexual and complement the natural lubrication of the body.

It was created with sex in mind, but the formula is so pure and perfect that it can be applied to other areas of your life. When you use überlube you are using a product that tries to help you feel your best, whether you are enjoying a romp with your partner, reaching mile 19 of your marathon or putting the finishing touches on your hairstyle for a night out. 

Use it in your intimate relationships
Alone or with company and for all your games, Überlube improves feel by reducing friction, not feel.

Use it in your day to day
From taming frizz and conditioning ends to achieving a smooth, healthy shine, Überlube is an all-purpose styling solution for your hair. Detangles, smooths and conditions.

Its skin conditioning properties make it ideal for highlighting the color of tattoos.  

After shaving it can reduce burns and keep skin soft and smooth.

For sport
Whether you're training for a triathlon or just keeping fit, Überlube offers durable, high-performance rub protection. Can be applied anywhere to avoid daily rubbing, not just during exercise.

Its 15 ml packaging is perfect to carry in your purse, sports bag or hand luggage, thanks to its discreet aluminum container that you can fill with the cartridges of our transparent bottles. Specially designed for a discreet, practical and easy to transport alternative.


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