Sona 2 Cruiser Sonic


Technology and pleasure embrace in what we consider to be the best "sucker", with the aim of offering you a new orgasmic dimension with waves of pleasure. Without the need to physically touch the clitoris, this next generation clitoral sucker goes much further and releases sonic waves (does not suck), which will show you the way to a new paradigm of pleasure. Its main virtue is that it does not lose intensity when pressed against the body to continue noticing the sonic waves that will take you to climax. 

Made with extra soft silicone, this material absorbs part of the sonic waves to redirect them towards the area you want to stimulate. Also, thanks to Cruise Control technology, you can reserve 20% of the toy's maximum power during normal use. A real discovery for the most techies

The sucker was invented by the German inventor Michael Lenke in 2014 and named it Pleasure Air Technology.

Sonar2 Cruiser Sonic model from Lelo.


Measures 99 x 87 x 56 mm. .
Opening diameter 23 mm.
Weight 116 g.
Noise level 50dB.
Ultra soft premium silicone material and ABS plastic on the back that is used as a support.
Made in a single piece.
12 different modes of vibration with the suction effect.
100% submersible
Li-Ion battery.
USB charger.
Charging time 120 minutes.
Continuous use time 60 minutes.
One year warranty.
Brand Lelo.
With satin cover.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean your toy every time you use it. You will be taking care of your hygiene and you will prolong its useful life.
When cleaning the product, wash the silicone part with water and, if you want, with a little soap with a neutral PH. As water can damage some parts of the devices, it is recommended to clean the metallic parts and the charging port part with a dry cloth.
Once clean, it is recommended to spray it with theCLEANERand dry it with a clean towel or cloth before putting it away.
NEVER boil the product or leave it soaked in detergent.
NEVER use alcohol or other high acid or alkaline cleaners. This could cause damage to the product.


Depending on the type of lubricant, a specific use is recommended:
- Aqueous lubricants: They are easy to use and suitable to apply with condoms or silicone toys. Being made with a water base, it tends to evaporate, so it will seem that it dries before and you will have to reapply the product.
- Silicone-based lubricants: They are not compatible with silicone products, and may deteriorate the product or stain it.
For silicone products or toys we recommend using water-based lubricants.
NEVER use oil-based products, such as massage oils or baby oils. The use of these substances can cause discoloration and / or deformation of the product.

SONA Cruise includes all SONA functions, with the addition of the incredible cruise control function. Many toys on the market experienced a decrease in intensity when pressed against the body. This is where the Cruise feature comes in and what makes this article so special. When pressed hard against the body, it does not lose its power, it will keep the intensity constant automatically.
Both SONA and SONA Cruise have the same strength as the new SONA 2 and SONA 2 Cruise. The difference is that the new SONA 2 and SONA 2 Cruise have softer silicone, more vibration patterns (12), a larger mouth and longer battery life.

They are ideal for women who have little muscle tone in the pelvic floor (hypotonia) or who suffer from a decrease in the intensity of orgasms.

As it is an external vibration, it stimulates the area of the superficial muscles, the bulbospongiosus muscle and the ischiocavernosus. Both are part of the musculature that contributes to female erection and orgasm and protects and closes the clitoris and vagina.

The vibration in these areas stimulates vascularization, promoting the irradiation of blood in said musculature, providing more sensitivity and helping to tone it. If the muscles that are part of the clitoris are more toned, it will help you obtain more intense and better quality orgasms.

It is important to apply a moderate vibration that can be felt at all times, for this we advise you to take advantage of the different vibration modes that your Diletto gives you so as not to numb the area that you are stimulating and thus lose its sensitivity.

In the same way that external stimulation through vibration stimulation helps toning and sensitivity of the clitoris area, it can also help a lot to work the anal sphincter area. Apart from being an area with a large number of nerve endings that will give you a lot of sensitivity and pleasure, it will improve the muscle tone of the area avoiding future problems.

Other benefits that external vibrations can bring is if you have hypersensitive scars. Pass the vibration gently over the scar. Once you feel comfortable with that sensation and the area feels relaxed, change the next frequency and do the same. In this way, and by raising the vibration frequency little by little and at your own pace, you will desensitize the area until that unpleasant sensation disappears.

In the case of the cause of the deficit or decrease in orgasms due to hypotonia or low muscle tone in the area, this Diletto is ideal for obtaining fast and direct pleasure if the direct incision in the clitoris does not bother you since to get a good result you must use it on it. On the other hand, this type of vibration does not have any influence on the superficial musculature of the area.

Despite its rapid pleasure, it is advisable not to abuse the use of the sucker and combine it with other Dilettos and alternate it at different times, since it can badly get used to your clitoris, making it more lazy and as a muscle we are interested in having it always active.

By Estefanía Casas Patarro
Diploma in Physiotherapy and Professor associated with the Pompeu Fabra University


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