Soft moon


Its name lives up to its shape. Hence, its design, its soft texture and its subtle arched shape remind us of the moon star in the growth phase. Designed for internal stimulation, is a very good option for those who debut in the erotic self-massages and they also want to discover all the possibilities of pleasure alone or in company. Its pastel yellow color, very different from the standard tones and colors, invites you to play and enter in a soft and fun way in the world of erotic toys. 

It stands out for its flexible and sensual design, which allows an easy and natural adaptation to any female body so that the experience of penetration is totally delicious. Its minimalist design and softness (covered with an exclusive silicone skin made with the exclusive Soft Touch material of Iroha), make it a massager vibrator ideal for those women sensitive to the touch, willing to surrender to the enjoyment of the senses. Despite its powerful engine, discretion is another of its main qualities. With this diletto, sensory and sensual enjoyment go hand in hand so that you can enjoy an experience like no other. 

Iroha's Mikazuki model

Measurements L172mm W38mm H27mm.
Weight 400 grms.
Safe silicone material, PC, ABS, (silicone approved by FDA and harmless to human body.).
Vibration modes: Low, Medium, High, Impulse.
ABS charging base. It is charged just by depositing it in its box that works like a modern charger.
Polycarbonate storage and charging case. Measures L184.5mmW109mmH55mm.
Water resistant, it is not submersible.
Li-ion battery.
Continuous use time 90 minutes.
Charging time 120 minutes.
One year warranty
Iroha brand.
With charging case and USB cable.

For solo or couple games.
Its sponginess makes it suitable for first penetrations or superficial penetrations.
Its subtle curvature facilitates the stimulation of the internal vaginal wall.
Ideal for foreplay or for external stimulation of the clitoris during penetration.
Massager for erogenous zones or other parts of the body simulating caresses.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean your toy every time you use it. You will be taking care of your hygiene and you will prolong its useful life.
When cleaning the product, wash the silicone part with water and, if you want, with a little soap with a neutral PH. As water can damage some parts of the devices, it is recommended to clean the metallic parts and the charging port part with a dry cloth.
Once clean, it is recommended to spray it with the cleaner and dry it with a clean towel or cloth before storing it.
NEVER boil the product or leave it soaked in detergent.
NEVER use alcohol or other high acid or alkaline cleaners. This could cause damage to the product.


Depending on the type of lubricant, a specified use is recommended:
- Aqueous lubricants: They are easy to use and suitable to apply with condoms or silicone toys. Being made with a water base, it tends to evaporate, so it will seem that it dries before and you will have to reapply the product.
- Silicone-based lubricants: They are not compatible with silicone products, and may deteriorate the product or stain it.
For silicone products or toys we recommend using water-based lubricants.
NEVER use oil-based products, such as massage oils or baby oils. The use of these substances can cause discoloration and / or deformation of the product.


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