Uma Relax


Candles, a bathtub full of foam, your diletto and you, alone or accompanied. This is the perfect kit for a session of relaxation and pleasure in the water. East submersible vibrator elegant and soft to the touch, it will be the gateway to a unique sensory experience. You can use it both externally and internally, play with it in and out of the water or enjoy all its functionalities alone or with your partner, as you prefer. 

While it's perfect for the external stimulation during the sexual intercourse, its design in the shape of bulbs and thanks to its length will help you easily stimulate the G point and reach deeper places of vaginal pleasure. You can also use it to play and discover the erogenous zones of your partner's body or your own. Try the five levels and different patterns until you find the perfect combination that will make you connect with the delight of the here and now. 

Model Uma de Je Joue

Measurements. Height 182 mm.
Width 48.2 mm.
Weight 104.6 g.
Soft silicone material, FDA approved and safe for the body.
With five different vibration patterns.
Waterproof. Submersible
Rechargeable through the magnetic clip at its lower end.
Continuous use time 120 minutes.
Charging time 120 minutes.
One year warranty.
Je Joue brand.

Alone or as a couple.
Due to its rigidity it is ideal to satisfy intense penetrations.
It can also be used for external stimulation if you like intensity.
Massager for erogenous zones or other parts of the body.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean your toy every time you use it. You will be taking care of your hygiene and you will prolong its useful life.
When cleaning the product, wash the silicone part with water and, if you want, with a little soap with a neutral PH.
Once clean, it is recommended to spray it with theCLEANER and dry it with a clean towel or cloth before putting it away.
NEVER boil the product or leave it soaked in detergent.
NEVER use alcohol or other high acid or alkaline cleaners. This could cause damage to the product.


Depending on the type of lubricant, a specified use is recommended:
- Aqueous lubricants: They are easy to use and suitable to apply with condoms or silicone toys. Being made with a water base, it tends to evaporate, so it will seem that it dries before and you will have to reapply the product.
- Silicone-based lubricants: They are not compatible with silicone products, and may deteriorate the product or stain it.
For silicone products or toys we recommend using water-based lubricants.
NEVER use oil-based products, such as massage oils or baby oils. The use of these substances can cause discoloration and / or deformation of the product.


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